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Application for a Crisis Grant or Community Care Grant

If you live in the North Lanarkshire Council area, and you need help because of an emergency situation or a disaster such as a fire or flood,you may qualify for a Crisis Grant.

You may qualify for a Community Care Grant if you need help to stay in the community rather than go into care, or you need help to move to North Lanarkshire to care for someone, or you are setting up a home following an unsettled way of life.

You may apply if you are facing an exceptional pressure, or caring for someone who is on temporary release from prison. The payments are not given to you as cash. They are awarded in furniture or white goods (for example, refrigerators or washing machines) These are brand new and have a two year warranty, they are supplied and fitted.

You can also claim for Discretionary Housing Payments

The Council has a limited amount of money that can be used to help residents in receipt of Universal Credit whose housing costs are not being met in full.

The scheme is not part of the benefits legislation. All awards are made at the Council's discretion. To be eligible you will need to show that your circumstances are exceptional.

Awards are normally for a period of between 2 to 6 months and cannot be relied upon to solve long term shortfalls in benefit.

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